Mathematical, Meteorologic, Topographic and Nautical Instruments

70. Compass case by Lusverg
71. Drawing compasses
72. Mathematical instrument case
73. Twelve-inch sector
74. Sector and six-inch rulers
75. Artillery quadrant
76. Caliper
77. Standard meter by Deleuil
78. Circumferentor by Haye
79. Circumferentor by Merighius
80. Graphometer by Sevin
81. Graphometer by Carré
82. Surveyor’s cross
83. Reflecting circle
84. Protractor by Lenoir
85. Circular protractor by Ramsden
86. Repeating theodolite by Ertel & Sohn
87. Gimbaled compass with quadrant by Scalvino
88. Declination compass according to Quadri
89. Declination compass by Brander
90. Octant by Dollond
91. Sextant
92. Drawing of weather station
93. Seismograph

Gnomons and Sundials
Pendulum Clocks
Movable Astronomical Quadrants
Mural Instruments
Transit Telescopes and Meridian Circles
Armillary Spheres
Celestial and Terrestrial Globes
Geographical and Celestial Maps
Marine Chronometers