92. Drawing of weather station in the XIXth century
Bologna, c. 1840
author unknown
44 x 32 cm
[Inv. MdS-53]

This is a drawing of part of the meteorological equipment used in Bologna in the mid-1800s. As pointed out in the introduction, the Archives of the Department of Astronomy possess a series of meteorological observations from 1714, with a few interruptions, and from 1813 to today, uninterrupted.
Recorded daily by staff of the Specola until about 10 years ago, measurements are now recorded at an automatic station.
A part of the old observations of atmospheric phenomena were digitalized and transferred to magnetic disc in the mid-1980s with a view to making them accessible via computer for studies on local meteorological conditions over the past three centuries (Baiada op. cit.).
Of the old meteorological equipment used in the Specola, first on the Meridian Room floor, then on the terrace above, very few instruments have survived: a rain gauge, an anemometer, a few thermometers and barometers, a couple of heliographs and large pantographs for measuring atmospheric electricity - all of it still to be restored and catalogued.

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