10. Table pendulum clock by F. Droz
end XVIIIth cen.
Federico Droz (fl.XVIIIth cen.)
black lacquered wooden case, enamelled dial.
winding 8 days
40 cm, 23 cm, 12 cm
[Inv. MdS-115]

This clock, built by the craftsman Federico Droz - whose name can be read on the dial face and in the mechanism case which also bears the number 4318 - belonged to Petronio Matteucci, assistant at the Specola until 1740 and successor to Eustachio Zanotti as director in 1782. On the back of the case is in fact written Legato Matteucci.
With an eight-day going train, chimes every hour and quarter hour, and an alarm, it is recorded by Ceschi in his 1843 inventory as Table repeater by Federico Droz...donated by Professor Matteucci to the Astronomical observatory for use in Astronomy.
The wooden part (Cesare Peri, Bologna) and the mechanism (Leano Coliva, Bologna) were restored in 1991, though it was not possible to get the quarter-hour chimes going again, on account of the ruined state of the steel pinions.