23. Galilean telescope
24. 11.6-foot telescope by Montanari
25. 14-foot telescope by Cellio
26. 8-foot Germanic telescope
27. 1.5-foot telescope attributed to Campani
28. 10.5-foot telescope by Campani
29. 22-foot telescope by Campani
30. 33-foot object lens by Campani
31. Instrument for the object lenses
32. Telescopic tubes
33. Position micrometer by Scherer
34. Bar micrometer by Lusverg
35. Gregorian telescope by Sisson
36. Equatorial telescope by Adams
37. 8-foot refracting telescope by Dollond
38. 3-foot parallactic telescope by Dollond
39. Gregorian telescope by Dollond
40. Ocular micrometer by Dollond
41. Divided object glass micrometer
42. Annular micrometer by Amici
43. Wide-field telescope by Gilbert & C.
44. Telescope by T. Harris & Son
45. 1 m hand held telescope
46. Herschelian telescope by Amici
47. Herschelian telescope by Gualtieri
48. Refracting telescope by Steinheil
49. Telescope by Steinheil
50. Multi-mirror telescope by Horn-d’Arturo

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