61. Celestial globe by G.M. Cassini
Rome, 1792
Giovanni Maria Cassini (XVIII cen.)
wood and papier-mâché covered with printed paper
diameter 35 cm
[Inv. MdS-69]

Like its terrestrial twin, this globe was also made in Bologna, gluing onto the papier-mâché frame the gores printed by Giovanni Maria Cassini in Rome at the Calcografia Camerale.
The tropics, polar circles, ecliptic, equator and colures of the equinoxes and solstices are all drawn, but the parallels and meridians are missing. The title reads:

calcolato per il corrente anno
sulle osservazioni de' Sigg. Flamsteed
et De la Caille
Roma presso la calcografia Cam.le
Inciso dal P. Gio. M.a Cassini C.R.S.

Near the constellation of Aquila there is a table Grandezza delle Stelle (Magnitudes of the Stars) and the symbols used for the six main magnitudes and the nebulae. Later glued to the globe are a series of small paper "confetti" bearing some hand-written numbers: these could belong to J.L. Dreyer’s 1888 galaxy catalogue, New General Catalogue (NGC).

M. Fiorini (1899), p. 443.