59. Celestial globe by J. Senex
London, 1740
John Senex (fl.1715)
wood and papier-mâché covered with printed paper
diameter 32 cm
[Inv. MdS-100]

Built by the Englishman John Senex it was donated to the Institute by Benedict XIV in 1752 together with its terrestrial analogue.
The globes of Senex are mentioned by Lalande (op. cit.), while Houzeau and Lancaster record a memoir of Senex regarding some techniques for making globes and a letter of his wife concerning the sale of some of the big globes built by her deceased husband.
The following inscription can be read on this celestial globe:

quo exhibetur Coelum Sydereum:
juxta Observationes Astronomorum
....orum quantum fieri potuit accurate
In hoc Stellae ultra bis mille plures quam in
quovis e Globis prioribus reperiuntur: Asterismi
autem ad mentem Veterum delineantur.
In Annum 1740.
Opera Johan:Senex R.S.S.

Greek and Arabic as well as Latin names of the main constellations are written, as was the custom in that period.
The poor state of repair means a good deal of restoration is needed.

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