47. Herschelian telescope by G. Gualtieri
Modena, 1813
Giovanni Grisostomo Gualtieri (fl. 1813)
wood, iron
length 430 cm, diameter 48.5 cm
Focal length 418 cm, diameter primary mirror 26 cm
[Inv. MdS-125]

The telescope is described in the 1843 inventory as follows:
"Herschelian telescope built in Modena by Gio. Grisostomo Gualtieri in 1813, consisting of painted wooden tube 11 feet (418 cm) long, at the end of which supported by an iron frame [Inv. MdS-137] sits a metal mirror 8 inches (26 cm) in diameter [Inv. MdS-46]. The frame of this telescope, though bigger, is very similar to the previous one.
This Telescope is equipped with two small mirrors with brass covers.
The biggest mirror is protected by a painted iron cover.
Inclined secondary mirror in bronze.
This telescope uses the same eye-pieces as the one by Amici and so the eye-pieces of the Parallactic telescope
[Dollondís 3-foot parallactic] can be applied to the eyepiece holder."
The "previous frame" mentioned in the 1843 inventory as similar, though smaller, belongs to the 17 cm diameter telescope by Amici [file 46].