43. Wide-field telescope by Gilbert & C.
London, 1787
John II Jr. (?) Gilbert (c. 1752-1791)
mahogany and brass
two-draw tube
provides inverted image
length 78 cm, diameter object lens 8 cm
[Inv. MdS-47]

Bought in 1788 together with the instruments of the London firm Dollond [files 37-41], it is cited in the archive records as "wide-field telescope by Dollond", even though it bears the words Gilbert & Co/London.
It is correctly cited in Ceschiís 1843 inventory:
"Hand-held wide-field telescope by the Englishman Gilbert for examining the Sky, with mahogany tube, and its fittings in brass.
There is a second cardboard tube mount for this telescope with metal and boxwood finishings to make it lighter to handle."
An altazimuth mount [Inv. MdS-79] exists for this instrument on a tripod [Inv. MdS-161], signed Lodovico Ludovisi a Bologna. We know from the notes made by Saporetti in 1849 to Ceschiís inventory that at that time Ludovisi was "Macchinista" (or mechanic) at the Specola. We also know that, on account of its wide field, Gilbertís telescope was used as comet finder.

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