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Welcome to the Bologna Astronomical Observatory

20/03/2015 solar partial eclipse taken at Loiano with a Coronado telescope coupled with Halpha filter and a webcam

Image taken by Roberto Gualandi

OABO news from Gaia

hort period/faint magnitude Cepheids in the Large Magellanic Cloud observed by Gaia

A press release by G. Clementini (INAF-OABO), V. Ripepi (INAF-OACN), S. Leccia (INAF-OACN), et al. was published yesterday (May 28, 2015) on the ESA Gaia web page showing results from the DPAC-CU7 pipeline on the Gaia commissioning data.

The first paper of the Gaia Science Alerts programme: “Total eclipse of the heart: The AM CVn Gaia14aae / ASSASN-14cn”  has been accepted for publication on MNRAS (pending minor revision). INAF-OABO researchers (G. Altavilla, G. Clementini, R. Gualandi) as well as INAF …

Thursday Seminars

Thursday, June 4th, in the seminars’ room (Via Ranzani 1, floor -1):

Nick Devereux

(Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, US) 

Giant Broad Line Regions in Dwarf Seifert Galaxies  


Hubble Space Telescope (HST) spectroscopy has revealed a remarkable population of dwarf Seyferts with an unusually large broad-line region (BLR). These objects are remarkable for two reasons. Firstly, the size of the BLR can, in some cases, rival those seen in the most luminous quasars. Secondly, the size of the BLR is …

Conferenza alla Specola

Incontri mensili di divulgazione astronomica promossi da Museo della Specola · Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia Università degli Studi di Bologna Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna · INAF

Andrea Comastri Direttore dell’Osservatorio Astronomico  di Bologna-INAF OABO Buchi Neri: un biglietto di sola andata

giovedì 4 giugno 2015 – ore 16 Aula della Specola via Zamboni 33, Bologna…

Call for observing proposals at the 1.52m Cassini Telescope

Proposals may be submitted for the August 1st, 2015 – January 31st, 2016 semester.

The deadline is June 19th, 2015, at 13:00 UT.…

Riapertura del Museo della Specola

Museo della Specola

Il Museo della Specola riapre dal 16 Maggio 2015 al 14 Giugno 2015. Orari delle visite : 11,00, 12,30 15.00 Durata della visita: 1 ora Costo a partecipante: 5 Euro (gratuito per i bambini fino a 6 anni) Prenotazioni Volantino…